Nicki Minaj Gets Swatted Over False Reports of Child Abuse and House Fire
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Nicki Minaj gets swatted after police received false reports that she was abusing her child, and that her house was on fire.

Law enforcement officials in Los Angeles received two separate 911 calls on Monday (June 5) from one reporting that Nicki’s son, known as “Papa Bear,” was being abused, and another claiming that Minaj was stuck in a house fire, according to TMZ.

First responders, however, discovered no evidence at the site to back up the claims that came through the switchboard.

“Sources close to Nicki tell us she’s not letting this little episode slide,” TMZ reported. “We’re told she’s hired lawyers to make sure the people behind this swatting are exposed and held accountable which could mean criminal charges down the road.”

Nicki Minaj

According to FBI, swatting is what happens when an individual uses 911 to dispatch law enforcement to a person’s home — and the tactic is called “swatting” because it involves making a claim so outrageous that a SWAT team is usually deployed. Nicki Minaj was the victim of “celebrity swatting,” a specific kind of swatting that has recently gained popularity.

However, the FBI also makes it clear that the practice not only puts a significant strain on law enforcement resources, but that it is also a crime with serious consequences, such as hefty fines, felony charges, and jail time.