Nicki Minaj Sued For Allegedly Damaging Borrowed Jewelry For $26K

Nicki Minaj is currently facing a brand new legal battle after being sued by a jewelry store for allegedly not paying for loaned custom jewelry pieces, which they claim she failed to return on time and damaged.

Accoding to TMZ, The ‘Super freaky girl’ rapper is being taken to court by luxury West Hollywood jewelry boutique Roseark.

However, her attorney strongly denies these claims. They suggest that the jeweler is using the situation for publicity rather than pursuing legitimate payment.

A jeweler in West Hollywood claims that Brett Alan Nelson, Nicki Minaj’s stylist, borrowed jewelry on the rapper’s behalf for a public event. According to Jeweler, the contract specified a one-week deadline for the return of the jewelry. They held Brett responsible for any damages that occurred while the pieces were in his possession.

The lawsuit alleges that the stylist failed to meet the agreed-upon deadline for returning 66 pieces of jewelry. Furthermore, when the jewelry was finally returned, the jeweler claimed that a set of earrings and a leaf ring had noticeable damage. A close source to Nicki Minaj denied these allegations. They insist that all items were returned on time as promised. Additionally, they argue that the jeweler only raised concerns about a missing stone after holding the items for an extended period.

It appears that Nicki Minaj’s stylist has left her responsible for paying the bill. Despite the jeweler’s efforts to collect payment, they claim that Brett has not paid the invoices sent for the damages. The invoices total $26,239.50, plus interest.

Nicki Minaj

As a result, the jeweler has filed a lawsuit against Nicki Minaj. They have also sued her stylist. This is all allegedly in an attempt to retrieve the owed money. In particular, Nicki doesn’t appear to have had any direct involvement with the jeweler.

In response to the lawsuit, Jordan Siev, Nicki’s attorney, has released a statement. He claims that there is no proof to back up the jeweler’s claim that Nicki damaged the jewelry. He also refers to the jeweler’s case as a typical insurance claim. i.e., designed to get attention and receive undeserved payment. Siev assures that they will strongly defend the allegations.