NLE Choppa, who grew up listening to Lil Wayne’s songs and is a tremendous admirer, was able to present the iconic rapper with flowers on the set of their latest music video.

The two met up earlier this month to film the music video for the song “Ain’t Gonna Answer.” The NLE tune features Weezy, who announced it would be released on February 24 until his behind-the-scenes Instagram video from the session received one million likes. If so, the song will be delivered on Friday (February 17).

Wayne gratefully accepted NLE Choppa’s gift of flowers and a handwritten card while they were on the set as a way of expressing their mutual thanks.

#nlechoppa gives #lilwayne his flowers🙌

— HipHopX (@hphopX) February 15, 2023

“First and foremost, I feel like accolades never define the artist,” NLE started out while handing Wayne the flowers. “But me personally, I feel like you supposed to have way more accolades at your weight. You [inaudible] to a point in time to where you just receiving accolades. I think it was a few days ago, you won an award.”

He continued: “So man I just wanted to present my own accolade, physically giving you flowers and a note to let you know how much you inspired me and impacted my life. I have a skateboard too that I signed. I know you like to skateboard.”

“I appreciate that,” Lil Wayne responded. “This is my life right here. For real, for real. Whatever cameras, if y’all watching – be like this guy, man. Be like this guy. He’s a good guy, man. For real. I do this a lot. I’m on video sets a lot – new artists, old artists. This doesn’t happen. This doesn’t happen. He’s a great guy.”

The attached note expressed similar attachment

“Dear Wayne, I simply wanted to physically gift you these flowers to symbolize my appreciation for you as an artist, icon and more importantly an inspiration,” NLE wrote. “Growing up I had 3 favorites – Kobe, 2pac and the one and only Dwayne Carter!!!

“I pray this is just the beginning to a big brother, lil brother relationship. With that being said I want to say THANK YOU, whole heartedly. Awards couldn’t even amount to how many lives you have changed and inspired. I am proud to be a part of both. Forever grateful.”

He signed off by adding that his favorite song is “God Bless Amerika” off Wayne’s 2013 album I Am Not a Human Being II.

In recent months, Weezy has received several flowers. His peers have been praising him in addition to the honor NLE announced, the Grammy Academy’s Global Impact Award.