NLE Choppa Thanks Daughter For Saving Him From Suicidal Thoughts
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NLE Choppa has thanked his daughter for saving him from suicidal thoughts.

On May 27, Choppa posted a montage of himself enjoying time with his daughter Clover, who is almost three years old, on Instagram.

In the caption, NLE Choppa explained how his daughter “changed his life” at a time when he was “contemplating suicide.”

“This is my ‘ANGEL,’” he wrote. “Clover Literally Changed My Life, The Reason My Spiritual Awakening Happened Cause I Knew Longevity In My Life Was Needed To Be In Yours. So Thank You Clover For Maturing Me Faster Than Anything That’s Ever Happened To Me In LIFE.

“You Are The Reason I Want Better, You Are The Reason I Love, You Are The Reason I LIVE. Before You Was Here I Was Contemplating Suicide, When I Found Out You Were Conceiving You Gave Me Something To Not Only Look Forward To, But Something To Live For!”

He added: “Thank You For Saving My Life My Little Goddess, IM FOREVER IN DEBT TO YOU, I Owe It All To You. Your The Reason I’m Still Here. SHE TURNS 3 NEXT MONTH.”

NLE Choppa said in some concerning tweets from March 2020 that he will “kill himself” on the last day of the year.

“Imma Kill Myself The Last Day Of December 2020 Y’all Better Enjoy Me While Y’all Can,” he wrote at the time.

Several hours later, he added: “My Music Gone Live For Me Imma Be With Y’all. I Promise… My Music Gone Let You Know Every Thing You Need To Know, love y’all.”

NLE Choppa

NLE Choppa released a tribute song called “Love Letter to My Daughter” for Father’s Day in 2021. At the time, he claimed he wasn’t allowed to see his daughter.

“Baby girl, you blessed because I know some kids in group home/ Ain’t seen you since the week that you was born, miss you in my arms/ Mom be on some complicatеd shit, so I don’t see you/ She put the police on me, at the end of the day, it hurt you,” he rapped on the song.