Pop Smoke’s Killer Admits to Firing Fatal Shots in Home Invasion


Pop Smoke, the Brooklyn rapper who was tragically killed in a home invasion in 2020 and now one of the accused killers has admitted to taking his life.

In juvenile court on Friday, May 12, the 18-year-old suspect, who was 15 at the time of the fatal incident, admitted to killing the rapper (real name Bashar Barakah Jackson), according to City News Service.

He also admitted to a charge of home invasion robbery and an allegation that he physically and intentionally fired a gun during the incident. He is expected to be held in a state juvenile facility until he is 25.

Pop Smoke
Pop Smoke

L.A. County Superior Court Judge J. Christopher Smith told the defendant along with his 19-year-old co-defendant that Pop Smoke “lost his life over no good reason.”

“You have no right to take somebody’s life. You have no right to take somebody’s property,” said Smit.

The news comes month after One of the rapper‘s murder suspects was sentenced after pleading guilty.


According to the Los Angeles Times, a 20-year-old man entered a Hollywood Hills mansion as a teenager in February 2020 with the intention of robbing the Brooklyn rapper, who was ultimately shot to death by his assailants. The man pleaded guilty in juvenile court on Thursday (April 6), admitting his actions.

The first defendant charged in the Pop Smoke case has pleaded guilty to voluntary manslaughter and home invasion robbery. Despite the defendant’s identity being withheld from the public, this is a significant development in the high-profile case. With this admission of wrongdoing, it marks the first of four defendants to take responsibility for the tragic incident that resulted in the death of the rising rap star, Pop Smoke.

He was sentenced to four-year, two-month sentence to serve at the Secure Youth Treatment Facility in Los Angeles, although he may still be held in juvenile detention until he is 25.


The offender had previously served two years and eight months in juvenile detention; the judge refused to add those two years and eight months to his sentence.

Corey Walker, who was 19 at the time of Pop Smoke’s murder, a 15-year-old, and a 17-year-old are among the others charged.

The “Dior” rapper passed away on February 19, 2020, at the age of 20. He was taken to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center with several gunshot wounds, and a few hours later, he was declared dead.

Pop Smoke accidentally revealed the address of the house he was renting on Hercules Drive when he uploaded a picture of an Amiri gift bag on Instagram when he was in Los Angeles.

The New York Times

A gang of teenagers in ski masks allegedly broke into the rapper’s bedroom that night and confronted him in the shower using that information.

According to evidence, Pop Smoke was shot three times in the back and pistol-whipped by the 15-year-old before he stole a Rolex watch that they subsequently sold for $2,000 on the black market.

The defendant who entered a guilty plea was accused of scouting the mansion and assisting Walker in recruiting three other young people for the crime while staying in “continuous communication” with Walker, who was in the getaway car.