QC’s Pierre ‘P’ Thomas Responds To Snitching Allegation

HipHopX/Urban Islandz

Pierre “P” Thomas, co-founder of Quality Control Music, has responded to allegations of him being a snitch to the Atlanta Police Department. In response, he said people should “stop glorifying dumb shit.”

P’s response came after alleged paperwork from May 2010 allegedly showed the rap mogul cooperating with local police and answering questions about a shooting that killed his friend. With critics accusing the QC CEO of snitching, he took it upon himself to respond to the accusations.

Empower Atlanta

“I see that 300 hundred Million got all them hating ass n-ggas mad back home,” Thomas wrote in a since-deleted Instagram Story. “Any body know me know my character. Our culture so fucked up it’s sad y’all living this imaginary street dream. I’m changing lives and changing my family curse.”

He added: “I don’t got no love for no n-ggas that try to kill me or mine. I ain’t in the streets never wanted to be I played the hand I was dealt and made something out of it, y’all bum ass n-ggas should do the same. Stop glorifying dumb shit.

“RIP to my dawg Q a innocent man with 5 kids who lost his life to a bum ass n-ggas who didn’t value his own,” he added. “I’m a [G.O.A.T.], don’t ever confuse me with a [rat]. Now take that fraudulent incident report and stick it up y’all ass. I love my freedom so stop playing with it.”

Check out his statement, along with the alleged paperwork, below: