Quando Rondo

Quando Rondo has denied rumors that he used a Lil Durk lookalike in his 2021 music video for “Soul Reaper.”

In an interview with SAY CHEESE! published on Sunday (March 26), the long-running topic was brought up amid the duo’s ongoing beef. In the video, the Never Broke Again rapper and his crew are seen pressing a man who has blonde dreadlocks resemble Durk’s, but he previously denied that it was intentionally.

“These fans make up anything,” he said with a laughing emoji at the time of its release. “N-gga don’t even be thinking like that.”

He added more in his most recent interview.

“Man you know I’m growing my hair out right now,” Quando Rondo began. “I’m tryna grow me some wicks, alright? In my city, a lot of people do that style of hair but with me being a celebrity, I guess people always say, ‘Oh, he got wicks. He’s tryna look like this dude and that dude,’ when you can go back to the Old Testament in the bible and [the dude] had wicks.”

He continued: “So it ain’t no such thing as people being the creator of this or this town, city, state or hood or dude or woman made this hair-do. Because if that’s the case, if I get a bald head, Michael Jordan made that? It’s a trend that’s going on. A lot of people have blonde hair. I love the blonde look so that was actually one of my homies who just had dyed their hair color and I really liked that color on him. It was nothing like that.”

Earlier this month, the longtime rivals appeared to have exchange subliminal shots on social media over their respective album release dates.

It all started when Rondo posted the album’s cover art on Instagram, hinting at a March release date and explaining that it is dedicated to his late buddy Lul Pab.

“1 more month I put my heart in this album, seen a lot of blood sweat and tears I lost my right hand man in front of my eyes I love you thug I’m going number 1 for you big brah,” he wrote.

Shortly after, Lil Durk sent a strong warning to the rivals on his Instagram Stories, saying: “I can drop this single and fuck up the streets on god your release date ain’t safe son.”

Rondo responded in an Instagram Story of his own, reportedly taking Smurk’s words personally: “Drop that shit we all on a time schedule!”  

The feud between Quando Rondo’s Never Broke Again group and Durk’s OTF family is deep. In November 2020, King Von was reportedly shot and killed outside an Atlanta hookah bar by Lul Tim, a member of Rondo’s group.

Even again, from a business standpoint, a Durk vs. Rondo record duel wouldn’t be a really fair matchup. Rondo’s highest-charting song was 2020’s QPac, which reached at No. 22. Durk has twice topped the Billboard 200 thanks to 7220 and his The Voice of the Heroes collaboration with Lil Baby.