Rich The Kid Apologizes To Tori Brixx After Cheating Allegation
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Rich The Kid has publicly apologized Tori Brixx and asked her for forgiveness after cheating allegations.

On Wednesday, May 17, Rich posted pictures of himself with Brixx over the years on his Instagram. The couple welcomed a kid in 2019, and had been together since his divorce from his wife in 2018.

Rich The Kid
Rich The Kid/Tori Brixx

“I’d like to make a public apology to my best friend, my lover and fiancée, for any disrespect, disloyalty or allegations of anything,” he wrote in the caption. “I’m a grown man I’ve done wrong and I’m owning up and asking for forgiveness from a beautiful strong woman that has taken care of not only me but our family for years.

Rich The Kid concluded: “I’m not like these other…I know I’ve been wrong and will fix it love you @toribrixx I am so sorry.” He also turned off the comments on his post.

His apology comes just a few weeks after he faced allegations of offering “hush money” to a woman in exchange for her silence about her alleged pregnancy with him.

On Friday (April 28), Radar Online obtained court documents that unveiled the allegations made by an unidentified woman, referred to as “Jane Doe” for privacy reasons, in a Massachusetts court.

In January, “Jane Doe” claimed that the “Plug Walk” rapper sexually assaulted her and forcibly confined her in their hotel room during an incident of non-consensual sexual activity.

Rich The Kid Tori

In the lawsuit, it is claimed that Jane Doe escaped and subsequently engaged in consensual sexual activity with Rich The Kid at her residence, leading to a pregnancy that was mutually agreed to be terminated by the woman and the rapper.

Jane Doe also claimed that Rich The Kid owes her $25,000, despite them settling for $35,000 to conceal their relationship.  Furthermore, she alleges, the money was paid to her so Rich The Kid’s fiancée, Tori Brixx, wouldn’t find out about the “outside baby.”

At the time of publication, there was no statement provided by the legal representative of Rich The Kid to the media outlet.