Rick Ross $20M Watch Took 3 years To Make: “These are Tsavorites”

Rik Ross $20M Watch
Rik Ross $20M Watch
Image Source: Twitter

Rick Ross has built a reputation for flexing his wealth, stacking up millions in flashy bling, from rings to chains and, most recently, a new custom watch.

In a Monday Instagram post, Rick Ross revealed his new watch with a price tag of $20 million, courtesy of Jacob The Jeweler. During a FaceTime call with the creator, the rapper said “I’m excited. It’s amazing. And just thanks for getting it to the city for me to try on.” Showcasing the watch in a close-up shot, Ross added “This is the billionaire.”

In the video, Ross shared that the watch took over three years to assemble, due to the hundreds of tiny stones encrusting the band. “From my perspective, it’s a beautiful thing. It’s a beautiful moment. This is an amazing timepiece. It took over three and a half years to collect the stones. These are not emerald green stones. These are Tsavorites.”

Rick Ross
Image Source: billboard

“This cannot be duplicated. This cannot be replicated,” he concluded.

Take a look at Rick Ross’s new watch below.