Rick Ross Saves Healthcare Clinic from Closure with $30K Donation


Rick Ross has saved a Georgia healthcare clinic from closure with generous five-figure donation.

Rozay learned that the Fayette C.A.R.E. Clinic in Fayette County, Georgia was going to shut down its operation through his lawyer Steve Sadow and Ross helped to stop this from happening by writing a check for $30,179 to the clinic.

Rick Ross/Youtube

On Juneteenth (July 19), the MMG Mugul gave the women operating the C.A.R.E. Clinic a check and explained how he has a particular place in his heart for healthcare because of his personal health challenges and the early death of his father.

“A clinic like this means a lot to me. I lost my father at an early age and I felt like one of the reasons I lost him so early was his lack of healthcare,” Ross said.

Rick Ross
Rick Ross/HipHopDX

The clinic allows poorer families to have access to doctors and affordable medications and they’ve been running mostly on donations with Rozay’s being the largest.

Ross plans to continue providing support to the Fayette C.A.R.E. Clinic as needed in the future.

“And I look forward to continuing to help out as much as possible. I consider you family, friends and of course, neighbors,” he added.