Roddy Ricch Ordered To Pay $24k Temporary Child Support After Drug Use Allegations

Roddy Rich has been ordered to make a lump sum payment of $24,000 to his child’s mother, and this may be the end of his legal battle.

On May 8, Radar Online obtained court documents disclosing that the rapper (real name Rodrick Wayne Moore Jr.), has reached a minor settlement with Alexandra Kiser. As per their agreement, the rapper will pay a five-figure sum as a “temporary” settlement to Kiser while they work towards resolving their conflicts.

Roddy Ricch

The payment of $24,000 includes three months’ worth of child support payments, amounting to $8,000 per month, specifically for April, May, and June of 2023. Going forward, Roddy Ricch and Kiser will amicably negotiate the remaining terms of their agreement, bypassing any involvement from a judge or mediator.

The court hearing initially set for May 23 has been rescheduled to mid-August, and could potentially be annulled if an agreement is reached between the parties involved. Additionally, the rapper’s $24,000 payment will be credited towards any outstanding child support payments that may be owed, thereby resolving the matter efficiently.

Roddy Ricch

Finally, in order to put everything in writing without having to go before a judge, the couple has decided to attend a “voluntary settlement conference,” which is a meeting that is attended by both parties and their attorneys.

This exchange between Roddy Ricch and his estranged baby mother is only a temporary and tenuous closure.