T-Pain told an amazing story regarding the recording of “Bartender,” detailing how the session ended with him saving the life of a man in distress.

In August 2021, the “Buy U A Drank” singer appeared on Steve-Crazy O’s Ride! podcast and related the amazing story of how he saved a 70-something guy from committing suicide after finding that his wife had passed away while they were vacationing in Jamaica resort.

A year and a half after its first publication, the emotional video became viral and is now making its way around the internet once more.

“I offered him a drink,” T-Pain explains in the clip. “I was like, ‘Man, let’s have some fun. Not trolling or fucking with people. His name was Bob. Fucked around with Bob and he was like, ‘That police tape back there is because my wife just died in the hotel.’ He said, ‘I was at the bar taking my last drink.’ He was gonna kill himself.

“He was like, ‘The way you came up here and showed me love and just had fun with me, you and your friend.’ And I still talk to him to this day … He was just looking down, I was like, ‘Dude, what are you doing? Get up!”

The native of Florida said he had just come from recording “Bartender” at the resort using whatever equipment he could find and added that he is still in touch with Bob to this day.

“I been talking to him ever since,” T-Pain continued. “The song ‘Bartender’ was made during that and all that shit happened after. Bob, I love you brother.”

Akon also contributed to “Bartender,” which debuted in June 2007 and is presently 4x platinum. In the Billboard Hot 100, the Grammy-nominated smash, which was inspired by a bartender at the Jamaican resort, reached at No. 5.