TakeOff Tribute Sets Largest Tattoo Guinness World Record

Image Source: yrntakeoff/instagram

TakeOff, the fallen Migos member, has been honored by many people in more ways than one since his untimely death. However, one tattoo artist and a group of his peers have taken their love and admiration for him to the next level.

According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, TakeOff has been honored by tattoo artist J.R. Outlaw and other fellow artists from various Atlanta tattoo locations, such as Atlanta Ink, Iron Palm Tattoos & Body Piercing, and Pèse Noir. In a remarkable display of creativity, they utilized a 79-foot piece of silicone skin to craft a mural paying tribute to the late Atlanta rap star. The mural showcases TakeOff rocking a spacesuit in brown, orange, and green colors.

Because of its size, the mural of TakeOff has recently been officially recognized by Guinness World Records as the largest tattoo artwork in the world.

TakeOff & Quavo
Image Source: Pitchfork

“I think Takeoff was just a big influence in the city and the culture of Atlanta, like in general,” Outlaw told the aforementioned outlet. “It was really the whole group. They made a real lasting impact on the city, so we just wanted to do something to memorialize him, and that’s really what it was about.”

Check out footage of the tattoo below:

In April, Offset paid tribute to TakeOff by getting a massive tattoo of his own.

At the time, Offset revealed his new tattoo on Instagram, unveiling a large artwork that covered his entire back.

“Love you 4L & after,” he captioned the post.