TakeOff’s Mother Hit Houston Bowling Alley With $1M Lawsuit


TakeOff‘s mother has filed a lawsuit against the houston bowling alley where her son was killed last year.

Tatiana Davenport filed a wrongful death suit on Wednesday (June 7) against the venue’s owners as well as the LLCs (810 Billiards & Bowling, LVA4Houston Greenstreet, Lionstone Partners, Midway Companies and Cushman & Wakefield of Texas) connected to the venue, according to Billboard.

According to the lawsuit, the venue “failed to provide proper and adequate security for the event” and its owners “provided no screening mechanisms, no after-hour controls or security measures, and no enforcement of rules or industry standards to deter crime against their invitees.”


TakeOff (actual name Kirshnick Ball) was shot and killed by a “stray bullet” to the head and neck area on November 1, 2022, just before 3 a.m. ET, a shooter opened fire outside the bowling alley after a game of dice. 

In the lawsuit, Davenport, who is listed as the rapper’s estate administrator, is requesting $1 million in damages.

“Defendants breached their duty owed to Kirsnick Khari Tiquon Ball by failing to exercise ordinary care to keep the premises safe,” the lawsuit continues.

“As a proximate and foreseeable result of Defendants’ negligence, Kirsnick Khari Tiquon Ball sustained catastrophic personal injuries, endured conscious pain and suffering, experienced mental anguish, became aware of his impending death, wrongfully died, and suffered other damages as will be proven at trial.”

TakeOff Murderer

Patrick Xavier Clark, the man accused of killing TakeOff, was formally charged last month. In Texas, the Harris County District Attorney’s Office informed KHOU-11 that a grand jury had officially indicted Clark on counts of murder.

Clark was initially released on $1million bond back in January following his arrest for the death of the late rapper. As a condition of his bond, Clark was required to have an ankle monitor on and remain at his parents’ home in Houston, while also avoiding contact with TakeOff’s family.