Tasha K Claims Offset Cheated On Cardi B With Suge Knight’s Girlfriend

HipHopX/Harper’s Bazaar

Tasha K is back with a new allegation to provoke Cardi B, but this time she’s going after Cardi’s husband Offset.

Disgraced blogger real name Latasha Kebe, posted an undated video of the woman who claims has been sleeping with Cardi’s husband Offset since 2013 on her Twitter page on Friday, June 23.

Tasha K

The woman, whom Tasha K claims is Suge Knight‘s girlfriend (despite the fact that the former CEO of Death Row Records has been serving a 28-year jail sentence since 2018) allegedly took the video in Cardi and Offset’s Hollywood home.

Tasha K also shared a screenshot of what she claimed to be a text exchange with the supposed side peice of the former Migos rapper, who claimed that she recorded part of the video on top of Offset and Cardi B’s baby girl Kulture’s bed who was born in 2018.

Hip-Hop Enquirer CEO Dennis Byron claimed that Tasha K hired the woman just to go viral on the Internet. He tweeted on Saturday, June 24, “Fun fact: That individual is notorious for hiring actors for skits to ‘trend the internet’ stop being gullible and falling for the banana in the tailpipe.” In other words…leave it to the professionals.”

In addition, Byron conducted an informal poll where the vast majority of his followers believed that Tasha K was doing this to provoke Cardi B into giving a reaction and advised the Bronx native to avoid the blogger at all costs.