Taxstone Sentenced to 35 Years For Shooting Troy Ave’s Bodyguard

Taxstone‘s has been sentenced for the 2016 shooting of Troy Ave’s bodyguard, Banga.

On Tuesday (June 20), the former podcast host was sentenced to 35 years in prison for his role in Banga’s death, according to reporter Shawn Setaro who was present at the New York courthouse.
Taxstone/New York Post

He also stated that Tax called Troy Ave a liar on his way out.

“#Taxstone gave a defiant statement during the hearing,” Setaro added. “His final words were, ‘Half the stuff that was told on the stand by Troy Ave is a complete lie to protect himself from going to jail.’ The judge was absolutely clear in stating his belief that during the trial, #Taxstone was ‘obviously’ engaged in ‘the procurement of false testimony.’

In March, Taxstone was found guilty of manslaughter in the shooting, which went down at New York City’s Irving Plaza in 2016 while attending a T.I. concert.

Troy Ave was set to perform at the event when a fight broke out between the two camps and shots were fired. In addition to Banga (real name Ronald McPhatter,) the melee left in three other people being seriously injured, including Troy Ave, who received medical treatment for a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the leg.

Troy Ave was seen firing a gun on surveillance footage that surfaced right after after the shooting. He was being treated for a gunshot wound at NYU Langone Hospital when he was arrested and handcuffed. Afterwards, his car contained the gun that had been used in the shooting. Troy insisted on his innocence, stating that he was acting in self-defense.

Taxstone was detained in connection with the event in January 2017 and charged with one count of possession of a firearm by a felon and one count of receipt of a firearm in interstate commerce after it was claimed that his DNA was discovered on the semiautomatic handgun used in the fatal shooting.


Prior to Troy Ave’s testimony, the former Loud Speakers Network podcast host referred to the rapper as a “lying bozo” and that he was eager to see him testify.

Troy Ave released a new song targeted at Taxstone in response to the Twitter argument and his subsequent testimony in court. The Brooklyn rapper can be seen rhyming in front of a church in the accompanying music video for “Black Church,” which was released last week and is billed as a “Taxstone Diss.”