Tory Lanez Hires New Lawyer Ahead of Sentencing in Megan Thee Stallion Shooting Case

Tory Lanez
Tory Lanez
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Tory Lanez has hired a new lawyer ahead of sentencing in the Megan Thee Stallion shooting case.

According to Legal Affairs & Trials, Tory Lanez’s longtime attorney, Jose Baez, famous for his defense of Casey Anthony, has added experienced criminal attorney Thomas Edward “Ed” Welbourn to join the team ahead of the rapper’s sentencing on August 7.

On Thursday (July 13), Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge David Herriford with Lanez that it was, indeed, what he wanted — to which the rapper replied in the affirmative.

Baez also informed Judge Herriford that Lanez’s legal team would not include any additional attorneys.

Tory Lanez
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This development follows Tory Lanez’s recent legal setback on Wednesday (July 12) when Judge Herriford denied his request to have Ronda Renee Dixon replace Matthew Barhoma as counsel.

In a prior conversation with Canniff before the court date, Dixon said Lanez wants her to work under his current lawyer, prominent Miami attorney Jose Baez, but “me and him have some serious issues, because he won’t talk to me.”

“These guys are just taking advantage of [Lanez],” Dixon told Meghann Cuniff. “They’ve had him sign powers of attorneys. They’re acting on his behalf. … They’re not really asking him what he wants.”

Tory Lanez
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Additionally, Dixon provided a copy of a motion she had prepared, asserting that Tory Lanez is being subject to cruel and unusual punishment in jail because of his celebrity status.

“Because Mr. Peterson has viable, meritorious post-conviction litigation, this court should award bail,” she wrote. “The unconstitutional nature of his confinement provides ample justification. Peterson’s conviction is not punishable by death. Because he will apply for probation, file an appeal, and pursue additional post-conviction remedies, this court should admit him bail within the court’s discretion.”

She continued: “Merely because he is well known, the Sheriff has decided that Mr. Peterson is of such great threat that he must be confined in the same manner as those convicted of serial rape charges and murder.”

The reason for the denial of the motion remains unclear, despite the fact that Tory Lanez, his previous lawyer, and Ronda Renee Dixon had all signed a substitution of counsel last month.

Tory Lanez is potentially facing a maximum sentence of 22 years and eight months in prison for the alleged shooting incident involving Megan Thee Stallion. Additionally, there is the possibility of deportation to his native Canada. The official sentencing for Tory Lanez is scheduled for August 7.