Tyga Says Lil Wayne & Eminem Are The Greatest Rappers Of All Time

Tyga Los Angeles Times
Tyga Los Angeles Times

Tyga has chimed in with his choices for the “Greatest Rappers Of All Time”; according to him, Lil Wayne and Eminem are at the top of his list.

Earlier this year, Billboard and VIBE released a list of their Top 50 Rappers of All Time, sparking a frenzy of debate. Since then, various people have shared their opinions on who they believe to be the finest.

On Thrusday (March 23,) Tyga made the decision to join the discussion by tweeting some of his choices. There were only two obvious options for the former Young Money rapper: Lil Wayne, the founder of his old label, and Eminem.

Eminem landed at No. 5 on Billboard and VIBE’s list, while Weezy coming in at No. 7 not too far behind.

Tyga said he put the rappers at the top of his list because of their “lyrical word play, delivery, and flow,” among other things.

“Lil Wayne & Eminem are the best rappers of all time! Lyrical word play , delivery, flow, pockets, originality, raw, intentional , clarity, generational influence,” he wrote.

A few days later, on March 29, he mentioned Nicki Minaj, his former rhyming partner in Young Money, in a series of follow-up tweets. The rapper from Pinkprint was praised by Tyga for her “word play, punchlines, creativity, and more.”

“Nicki is the best female rapper of all time no one comes close! World play , punchlines , delivery, pockets, beat selection, creativity. Inflictions,” he tweeted.

The native Californian even praised Doja Cat, calling her a “really good rapper too.”