YFN Lucci Rejects Plea Deal, prefers to go to trial in the YSL RICO trial.

HipHopX/Urban Islandz

The YSL RICO trial has encountered another tumultuous twist with YFN Lucci‘s recent declaration of rejecting a plea deal.

It was revealed on thursday (June 8) that the Young Thug associate was reportedly offered a sweetheart plea deal. The rapper, who is currently sitting behind bars for his suspected role in a homicide that took the life of a 28-year-old man, was slammed with the RICO charges while he was out on bond for the alleged murder.

The sweetheart plea deal will reportedly give the rapper (real name Rayshawn Bennett) 20 years behind bars for all crimes including the RICO crimes for which he must serve at least 17 “inside.”

Although the plea deal had not been officially confirmed on Thursday, it has now been verified on Saturday (June 10) that the sweetheart plea deal was indeed presented to Lucci. However, according to TMZ, he flatly rejected the offer.


According to the outlet’s report, YFN Lucci’s attorneys, Drew Findling and Gabe Banks, expressed their view that the plea offer presented to their client is “absurd.” They also hinted that the District Attorney’s office is intentionally delaying the proceedings. They highlighted the fact that Lucci has been in custody for 2.5 years and is still awaiting trial.

Additionally, Findling and Banks, raised concerns about the competence of Fulton County prosecutor Fani Willis. They questioned her ability to handle complex cases such as the YSL RICO case, suggesting an “inability” on her part to effectively prosecute such matters.

“Despite the obstacles consistently placed in the way of Mr. Bennett’s constitutional right to a speedy and fair trial, we continue to be ready and prepared to defend these false allegations,” the attorneys said in a joint statement to TMZ.


Young Thug is at the center of all of these RICO cases. He is now accused of eight felonies, including conspiracy to violate the RICO Act, two counts of involvement in criminal street gang activities, as well as several drug and gun violations, in the YSL case.

Jury selection for the case has been ongoing for more than five months as of the time of this writing, and not a single juror has yet been chosen.

Attorney Tom Church told Fox 5 Atlanta that throughout his years of practicing law, he has never witnessed such a breakdown of justice. He told the newspaper, “It’s descending into chaos, and every day seems to bring a new level of disorder.”

“Clearly, there’s been a breakdown here. We have attorneys getting arrested during these proceedings, having their computers seized. We have the judge who’s holding lawyers left and right in contempt.”