YNW Melly Judge Makes It Easier For Jury To Sentence To Death


YNW Melly was hit with some serious news just days before heading into the courtroom to finally begin his long-delayed murder trial.

According to XXL, on Friday (June 2), Broward Circuit Judge John Murphy sided with the state prosecutors’ motion to follow a new statute that allows juries to recommend a death sentence with an 8-4 vote. Previously, it had to be via unanimous decision.

The jury selection process started in April, and the trial officially started on Monday (June 5). Since Melly was arrested and charged with the murders of YNW Juvy (Christopher Thomas Jr.) and YNW Sakchaser (Anthony D’Andre Williams), it has been more than four years. The trial was delayed multiple times as both sides continued to deliberate the framework of evidence being used in the courtroom.

YNW Melly
Miami Herald

As the trial eventually drew near, YNW Melly’s mother shared a heartfelt letter the “Murder On My Mind” rapper had written to her and reaffirmed her son’s innocence.

“Hey ma, damn y’all made my night my whole month,” Melly wrote with hearts. “So glad I seen y’all. I hope y’all seen me. I know y’all did right when you went screamin ‘I SEE HIM’ they made you leave. [annoyed face] I’m so glad I seen you ma! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH! Tell Grandma & Silas I love them and appreciate them so much. It was good to see them as well.

“Dang B Slime still looked tall from way down there lol,” he continued. “You looked so small lmao jumpin up and down when u seen me. I seen your smile from way up here! Lit da whole jail up! Even tho they tried to make it da worst, still you found a way to make it the BEST. I love you ma I’ma give you the world, Pluto and Mars when I get out. What u want da most too? Lol.”

Miami Herald

The post also featured a picture of Melly’s family outside, holding  signs that wished him a Merry Christmas.

“I will always be here to make your darkest nights bright even if I have to bring the light to you son,” his mom wrote in the caption of the post. “I love you @ynwmelly so much my 1st born.”