YNW Melly Trial: New Court Hearing Scheduled

YNW Melly Court
YNW Melly Court
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YNW Melly‘s trial initially resulted in a hung jury. Now, with a retrial on the horizon, a new court hearing is scheduled.

According to court documents obtained by HipHopX, show that there’s a hearing scheduled for August 18. During this meeting, both the prosecutor and defense will discuss stopping the GPS monitoring of state witness Felicia Holmes.

YNW Melly
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Holmes, as previously revealed, is the mother of YNW Melly’s ex-girlfriend, and her testimony was central to the prosecution’s case. Holmes also previously claimed that the state of Florida has “ruined her life” as a result of her being a material witness.

You can see the complete schedule for the YNW Melly trial in the document below.

YNW Melly Court Document

Meanwhile, in related news about YNW Melly, it was revealed that YNW Bortlen, also facing a double murder trial but not the death penalty like Melly (real name Jamell Demons), has started promoting new YNW merch. This merchandise specifically calls for the release of YNW Melly.

Since 2019, the YNW collective has been selling merchandise, and YNW Bortlen gets around 35% of the profits. However, it’s uncertain if he can keep this money if he’s convicted of murder.

YNW Melly
YNW Juvy/YNW Sakchaser

The first-degree murder charges against Melly went through a lengthy four and a half-year legal process. He was arrested in 2019 on allegations of shooting and killing his fellow YNW members, Christopher Thomas Jr. (known as YNW Juvy), and Anthony Williams (known as YNW Sakchaser) in October 2018.

The state accused Melly of fatally shooting the two men and then attempting to conceal the crime by staging a drive-by shooting.

Melly’s defense team argued that their client was at home and asleep during the time of the murder. Instead, they alleged that another associate, Cortlen “YNW Bortlen” Henry, was the culprit. As of now, YNW Bortlen is still awaiting trial.

YNW Melly
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Williams and Thomas Jr. were shot multiple times and were taken to Memorial Hospital Miramar at 4:35 a.m., where they later passed away. The hospital is located about 20 miles from Fort Lauderdale.

Regarding YNW Melly, his mistrial was officially announced at 2:12 p.m. Eastern Time on Saturday, July 22nd.

The jury deliberated until 5:00 p.m. Eastern Time on Friday, July 21, and then took a break for the night. They resumed deliberations on Saturday (July 22) at 8:52 a.m. ET.

YNW Melly
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Despite this constant deliberation, however, the jury was unable to come to a decision with a majority vote.

The new trial for YNW Melly is scheduled to start on October 2. If he’s found guilty of the two murders, he could face the death penalty.