YNW Melly’s ‘Confession’ Texts Presented as Evidence in Murder Trial

YNW Melly in court
YNW Melly in court
Image Source: law&crime

YNW Melly was presented with a key piece of evidence mentioned earlier in his double murder trial. However, his defense team has denied their client’s ties to it.

Law & Crime Network executive producer Cathy Russon revealed text messages on Monday (July 17) that were allegedly sent by YNW Melly. In these messages, Melly confessed to the charges brought against him. Russon shared an image of the exchange on Twitter and explained that it was presented as a confession in court.

YNW Melly
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She wrote: “On the final day of the State’s case, they finally introduce the “I did that. Shhh” text they told the jury about in their opening statement. Prosecutors say this is #YNWMelly’s confession to the killings.”

While explaining the defense, Cathy Russon added: “DAT v. THAT. On cross-exam, the defense shows many texts where #YNWMelly spells the word ‘that’ as ‘dat”. Defense insinuating whoever typed “that” wasn’t their client. #YNWMellyTrial”

After a short break, the legal proceedings in Broward County, Florida, resumed last week.

Last week, the defense attorneys raised objections to the reading of disparaging text messages between their client and his mother in court. On Wednesday (July 12), David Howard presented the case before Judge John Murphy.

“There are a number of mothers on the jury who may be inclined to convict just because they have heard irrelevant, unrelated conversations between Mr. Demons [YNW Melly] and his mother,” he said. “He is calling her the b-word, and all sorts and manner of disrespect. That is clearly off-putting to anyone.”

He continued: “And under the pretext that [the State of Florida] is trying to prove that the phone belongs to Mr. Demons […] the state is introducing reams and reams, and tons and tons, of inadmissible evidence.”

Treveon Miliak Glass
Treveon Miliak Glass

Prior to that, Treveon Miliak Glass testified that he had seen YNW Melly wearing “different clothes” after the murders of YNW Juvy and YNW Sakchaser.

Referring to the meeting he was supposed to have with Melly at the New Era Recording Studios in Fort Lauderdale, FL, Treveon Miliak Glass testified, “We were supposed to have a 12-hour session.”

Glass stated that he fell asleep during the extended night at the recording studio, only to be awakened by numerous phone calls informing him of the shootings. When he arrived at Fredo Bang’s house, Glass noticed that YNW Melly was there and “he wasn’t wearing the same clothes.”

YNW Melly was arrested in 2019 and charged with two counts of premeditated murder and he’s facing life imprisonment without the possibility of parole. If convicted, he could get the death penalty.

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