YNW Melly’s Lawyer Seeks Mistrial in Double Murder Case Claiming ‘prejudicial fiasco’

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YNW Melly‘s lawyer is seeking for a mistrial in the rapper’s double murder trial. If found guilty, the “Murder on My Mind” rapper may be sentenced to death.

According to Local10.com, David Howard, one of the attorneys for Melly moved for a mistrial in the case after Broward Circuit Judge John Murphy dismissed the testimony of Felicia Holmes, the mother of one of Melly’s ex-girlfriends, who was declared a hostile witness for the prosecution.

In her testimony on Thursday (June 15), Holmes said, “The state has ruined my life,” and claimed she had received “inundated” threats from the state of Florida regarding prosecution and even imprisonment if she didn’t cooperate.

YNW Melly
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This led Howard to claim that there had been a “prejudicial fiasco” in court.

He stated, “This jury sat there and watched this fiasco unfold with at least 10, maybe 15 sidebars, after every two questions,” adding that the jury had been “tainted.”

On Tuesday, June 20, the YNW Melly murder trial is scheduled to resume. It is believed that Judge Murphy will make a decision on the mistrial at that time.