Young Thug Denied Bond Once Again in YSL RICO Case

Young Thug
Young Thug
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Young Thug‘s request for bond in his ongoing YSL RICO case has been denied once again, leaving him to remain behind bars throughout the entire trial.

As reported by Law&Crime’s Cathy Russon, on Friday (July 21), Judge Ural Glanville made the decision to deny Young Thug’s bond request in his ongoing YSL RICO case. Despite jury selection beginning in January, the judge has not yet seated a single juror.

When the trial eventually starts, it’s expected to last a pretty long time, maybe between six to nine months.

Young Thug
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Young Thug’s lawyer, Brian Steel, argued that his client should be released from custody because of health problems. Thug had been taken to a hospital in May, and Steel believes this should be taken into consideration. Additionally, Steel argued that Thug (real name is Jeffery Williams), is not likely to run away and is not a flight risk.

However, Judge Glanville expressed concerns that Young Thug might pose a danger to the community, referring to the allegations mentioned in the RICO indictment. Due to these concerns, the judge rejected his request for bond.

During the bond hearing, the prosecution brought up threatening texts that Young Thug had allegedly sent to a woman back in 2010. The texts reportedly read, “Snitch hoes get murked. Them and their kids.” These texts were reported to the police and added to the concerns raised during the hearing.

Thug’s legal team firmly denied the existence of the threatening message, refuting any allegations that their client had sent such texts to the woman in 2010.

The updates comes after court documents obtained by HipHopX revealed that Young Thug’s attorney, Brian Steel, filed his latest motion on Wednesday (July 5). In the motion, he requested to remove any recorded jail calls made by anyone other than Mr. Williams, arguing that they constitute hearsay and/or violate the Confrontation Clause.

Steel claims that law enforcement officials listen to jail calls, including those made by Young Thug, which could be used against them in other criminal cases. He argues that these conversations should be excluded from the trial because they may contain incriminating information.

Last month, Young Thug’s attorney, Brian Steel, filed two other motions in limine on behalf of his client. These motions argue that Detective Quinn, a prosecution witness, will be falsely representing that Young Thug (whose real name is Jeffery Williams) snitched to the detective in an unrelated murder case.

Young Thug
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Attorney Brian Steel is now urging Judge Ural Glanville to exclude Detective Quinn’s testimony, asserting that it’s “not accurate, places Mr. Williams’ character at issue, and is irrelevant to the trial of the above referenced case.”

Furthermore, Steel is also seeking Judge Glanville’s ruling to exclude any 911 calls made by Young Thug in relation to the undisclosed murder case. He argues that Young Thug’s “right to a fair trial” must be preserved.

Brian Steel reportedly also made a request to dismiss the RICO charges against his client and YSL co-defendants, due to the statute of limitations. However, it remains uncertain whether the judge will grant this request.