Young Thug’s Lyrics Key Evidence in YSL RICO Case

Young Thug praying in court
Young Thug praying in court

Young Thug‘s lyrics may potentially be used against him in his ongoing YSL RICO trial, and spectators have been given a glimpse into a few of the bars on the table.

On Wednesday, November 8, journalist Jozsef Papp from the Atlanta Journal-Constitution took to Twitter to reveal some of the lyrics that are being presented in the courtroom.

Young Thug
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Here are the lyrics that may potentially be used:

“I just beat a murder rap, paid my lawyer 30 for that/ Me and my slimes above the law” from 2018’s “Just How It Is.”

“Honestly truth be told YSL won’t fold/ Pick his ass off from the balcony/ YSL wipe a n-gga nose” from 2014’s “Eww.”

“I shot at his mommy, now he no longer mention me” from “Bad Boy” with the late Juice WRLD in 2021.

“I rep my life for real/For slimes you know I kill!” on 2020’s “Take It to Trial” with Gunna.

“Hey, how you doing? I’m Yak Gotti/ I got bodies on bodies!” from 2015’s “Dream.”

Young Thug
Image Source: New York Magazine

The challenge lies in the fact that D.A. Fani Willis, the same district attorney handling Donald Trump’s case, may not have gotten all the lyrics right.

According to court documents dated October 30, there were inaccuracies in some of the listed lyrics, with certain lines being incorrectly attributed. For example, the documents mentioned the line “knocking off your big homie bitch” and credited it to Yak Gotti in Unfoonk’s song “Mob Ties.” However, this specific line doesn’t appear in the song (though a similar line is present in the song’s hook, delivered by 24Heavy), and Yak Gotti is not featured on the track at all.

Another mistake in the documents is related to the song “Anybody,” which was released in 2018. The documents state the lyrics as, “Ready for war like I’m Russia/ I get all types of cash, I’m a general,” but the actual lyrics are, “Ready for war like I’m Russia/ Latest Chanel for the luggage.”

Young Thug
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While a federal bill that aims to restrict the use of song lyrics in criminal proceedings is currently awaiting consideration in the House of Representatives, and similar bills have been introduced in various states across the nation, D.A. Willis has stated to NBC News that she will continue to use song lyrics as evidence against defendants if she feels they are relevant.

Shortly after the jury was finally selected, consisting of seven Black women, two white women, two Black men, and one white man, as reported by Yahoo!, Judge Glanville criticized the prosecutor’s office for significantly enlarging their list of witnesses and for being evasive in supplying the necessary evidence as mandated by discovery.

YSL RICO trial Judge Ural Glanville

“I am really annoyed about this,” Judge Glanville said from the bench last week. “This is ridiculous! Your witness list has grown by two-thirds since then! And I don’t know why! You’d better have a dang good explanation on the 16th, because if you don’t, I’m going to exclude it. Right now, I’m telling you: without anything further, it’s gone. This is ridiculous! There is no plausible explanation I’ve gotten that would suffice, and we just keep — you just keep dribbing and drabbing out evidence. Nuh-uh.”

The core of the YSL RICO case revolves around the suspicion that Young Thug’s Young Stoner Life label serves as a front for a broader criminal operation known as Young Slime Life.

Thug is facing eight charges, including conspiracy to violate the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) Act and participation in criminal street gang activity, in addition to a series of drug and weapons offenses.