Young Thug’s Lawsuit Over Failed NY Concert Dismissed

Young Thug in court
HipHopX/New York Magazine

Young Thug was scheduled to perform at a 2021 concert at the New York Fairgrounds but when the State of New York and other entities reportedly neglected their responsibilities in promoting and selling tickets, the concert was canceled.

The concert’s failure, according to the promoters, who almost immediately filed suit, was caused by what they called “racial animus” towards the relevant parties, according to The New York Law Journal.

“Defendants’ failure to fulfill their contractual obligations was allegedly grounded on racial animus toward plaintiffs, to the race of Young Thug, to the concert, and to the perceived race of the anticipated concertgoers,” as per the outlet.

However, U.S. District Judge Brenda Sannes of the Northern District of New York granted the State of New York’s motion to dismiss the lawsuit on the justification that the state, as an entity, is a corporation and not a person in a decision made earlier this month.

According to court documents obtained by HipHopX, though, reveals the Plaintiffs have requested permission to re-file the lawsuit on new tortious grounds, while the other responding defendants, including the New York Fairgrounds, have requesed for more time to answer.

Even though Young Thug wasn’t directly involved in the New York concert lawsuit, he was sued in August 2022 for his role in Atlanta, Georgia, shortly after he was incarcerated for his alleged role in the larger YSL RICO trial.

Young Thug

Young Thug (real name Jeffery Williams) reportedly signed to take the stage at State Farm Arena on June 18 for a “Young Thug and Friends” concert, but was unable to do so because of his incarceration.

The concert was planned in January, and Thug was scheduled to get $300,000 for a 45-minute set, of which half had already been paid in advance and the other half would be paid after the event.

However, A-1 performance Entertainment, the concert promoter, claims they haven’t received their $150,000 advance back. It will be refunded, according to a YSL Touring representative.

“Due to his arrest and the nature of the felony criminal charges against Williams, it was immediately apparent in May 2022 that he would not be able to perform as required in the agreement,” the filing said. “To date, A-1 Concert has not received any reimbursement of the $150,000 owed to it.”