young thug jury selection ht jt

Prosecutors are requesting that two of the defendants in the YSL RICO case be prosecuted separately, which might cause another delay in Young Thug’s ongoing trial.

According to the Atlanta-Journal Constitution, the Fulton County District Attorney’s office filed a motion on Tuesday (February 14) asking to segregate Kahlieff Adams and Tenquarius Mender from the main trial since both of their attorneys are expecting children.

Prosecutors are worried that Teombre Calland, who represents Adams, or Nicole Fegan, who represents Mender, may have to take maternity leave before a decision is reached given that the trial is anticipated to run six to nine months. The motion claimed that the women’s “impending and immediate personal leave of absence” would make it impossible for them to adequately represent their clients.

According to Nicole Fegan, who spoke to the AJC, the district attorney’s office came out as being “unsympathetic to expectant mothers” by using the wording in the petition. This is especially true for women like her and Calland, who “already face challenges in a male-dominated career,” she said.

“I don’t think pregnancy should be treated as a disease or a disability,” she said. “I think at this point, trying them separately would be expensive and potentially prejudicial because the jury selection process has already started. We’ve been on this case since May, and in May I wasn’t pregnant.”

Tenquarius Mender and Kahlieff Adams have both declared that they do not wish to have other lawyers defend them.

The district attorney’s office has asked for a hearing as soon as possible because it believes that separating these two co-defendants wouldn’t interfere with the trial. Judge Ural Glanville won’t make a decision on the motion until March 1 due to the fact that the court is out of session until February 21 due to President’s Day.

Young Thug’s co-defendant count in this trial will decrease to 11 if Glanville granted the prosecution’s motion. Eight of the 28 defendants initially accused in the May 2022 indictment have agreed to plea offers; the remaining six will face separate trials since they were not detained in time for the trial to begin.