YSL Defense Lawyer’s Strip Club Tactics Win Judge’s Favor After Contempt Charge


The YSL defense lawyer facing numerous contempt charges and potential jail time has gotten off the hook thanks to some strip club chicken wings.

According to a report from The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Suri Chadha Jimenez was charged for arriving late to court on May 9, which resulted in an unfavorable reaction from Judge Ural Glanville. As a consequence of the mishap, Judge Glanville enforced his long-standing rule of ordering Jimenez to purchase lunch for the other lawyers involved in the case.

YSL Court Room

According to Judge Glanville’s advice, Jimenez was recommended to make a purchase at the nearby sub shop, however, YSL lawyer had different intentions.

In his statement to the judge, Jimenez mentioned that despite Magic City, a renowned strip club in Atlanta, known for being mentioned in popular tracks by notable artists such as Drake and Future, delaying the opening of its kitchen until 3:00 pm ET, he could utilize his connections to arrange some wings for the entire team.

“They made a chef come in early, cook all the delicious wings for us,” Jimenez said, while adding that everyone enjoyed several helpings of the lemon pepper wings and the Magic City brand wings.

“They were hot and ready for me to pick up at the time they told me. They made it happen so I was very happy. I like to support local businesses, I like to support minority employers. I’ve been there many times to show my support for the local community.”