Yung Miami Reacts to Big Mulla’s Diss Track: A closer look at the feud

Yung Miami
Yung Miami

Yung Miami has reacted to Chicago rapper Big Mulla on social media after she blasted her in a new diss record.

On Monday (April 3), The Neighborhood Talk shared an Instagram screenshot featuring the first exchange between two rappers. The conversation began when Big Mulla stated: “Ya’ll gotta stop liein so much.” In response, Yung Miami quipped: “Why are your eyes so far apart?”

Big Mulla released a diss track titled “Don’t Play Wit It (Remix), YungMiami Diss” not long after their feud, targeting Miami. The track features Lola Brooke’s popular single “Don’t Play With It”

A number of fans and celebrities expressed their disapproval of the Chicago artist in the comments, while some argued that Yung Miami’s reaction was unnecessary.

“I just hit a nerd rapping bitch who run her gums/ Mad about a post I upset you hoes for fun/ Got yo fans mad but I said what I said/ Don’t let ’em gas you up, get get upside yo head,” Big Mulla raps over the infectious beat.

She continues: “Hottest city girl but ain’t shit about you city/ You knew you wasn’t gon’ last long that’s why you started fuckin’ Diddy/ Got a couple hits, I’ll admit you got yo flowers/ If it wasn’t for JT, hoe’s career would be sour.”

Yung Miami responds with tomato emojis after being dissed by Big Mulla on The Neighborhood Talk’s post. The disagreement reportedly took place at the end of last month, but the diss track wasn’t released until March 29. Stay updated with our latest news.